Outside Reading: Marking Period 3/4:

Assignment: Due Wed 5/27

You may choose from one of the following options for your Outside Reading project:

1) Create a Facebook Wall page for one of the main characters from your book. This page should be realistic, detailed, creative, and refer to main ideas, themes, symbols, and characters in the text.

2) Create an IMDB page for the movie version of your book. See project above for criteria. Also, if you suspect your book already has an IMDB page, then I would either 1) Not look at it, or 2) Not choose this option. :)

3.) Create and submit our own written reflection/piece. The length should be no more than 3 pages, typed. Some ideas might include: An epilogue (if your book does not have one) that provides more closure; if you read "Outliers", perhaps you could profile a person whom you feel typifies an outlier that wasn't featured in the book; a reflective letter to the author; an analysis of a symbol/motif, etc. If you have an idea and are unsure, run it by me first.