Ms. Duryea-Lojko
Honors English IV
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Class Expectations and Procedures


n Attendance/Absences
-Be on time. (See handbook for late policy.)
-When you are absent, it is your responsibility to find out what assignments you missed and to make up the work within an amount of time equal to the time you were absent (including quizzes and timed writings) If you are absent for two class days, you will have two class days to make up the work – after this time, you will have earned a “O” for the assignment. If an absence occurs, the best way to get the assignment is to check my website or ask me/other students.

n Integrity
-I expect that your assignments will be completed with honesty and integrity. Each one of you knows what constitutes plagiarism and how to avoid it. If you are at all unclear, please visit this website: or see me.

n Passes:
-Please wait until an appropriate time to ask to leave class to use the restroom. BEFORE you leave, fill out your pass with time/date. You will have no more than 5 minutes to use the restroom (its right around the corner).

n No Cell Phones. This is the only warning you will receive. I will take your phone the moment I see you using it. After that, it’s between you and the Assistant Principal.

n Grading:
-In this class I do not “give” you grades – you earn them. They are based on the number of points you earn on papers, presentations, homework, etc. divided by the number of points possible.
-Assignments will have different point values depending on their length, importance, etc. For example, major papers/writing assignments will be worth more than quizzes, which will be worth more than HW.

n Late Work
-Hand in all assignments on time. For regular homework assignments (about 10 points), I do not accept late work. For larger assignments (25+ points), 5 points will be subtracted per day (not per class meeting!). Assignments due on Friday that are handed in on Monday will lose 10 points, 15 on Tuesday, etc.

n Writing Assignments
-All large writing assignment must be typed and 1.5 or double-spaced. Don’t wait until the night before the paper is due to print it out because problems do arise –your printer breaks down or your computer crashes. It is your responsibility to bring the assignment to class on time. Email it to me – – as an attachment if you cannot print it.
-Please use the standard MLA header on all major assignments

n Materials
-For this class you will need a notebook with some sort of compartment or folder to organize handouts. All of your notes should be in your notebook.

My Schedule

Block 1A: English I, C310 Block 1B: 3rd Fl Faculty
Block 2A: Activities Office Block 2B: English I, C 310
Block 3A: 3rd Fl Faculty Block 3B: English I, C310
Block 4A: English I, C310 Block 4B: Honors Eng IV, C310