Classroom Expectations and Procedures
n Attendance
Ø Be on time to class. On-time means that your whole body is in the classroom when the bell rings, not just your notebook. We follow the school policy for lates, which can be found in your handbook.
n Absences
Ø Attendance will be taken every day and you are responsible for any work missed while you were absent. Please check for assignments on Ms. Duryea’s website ( and also get contact information from a classmate to ask for assignments.
Ø If you are absent and are unsure about any assignment, please ask.
Ø If you are absent, make-up work is due the next time class meets. So if you are absent on a Monday, work due on Monday is due on Wednesday. Any work assigned on Monday would be due on Friday (however it would benefit us both if you turned it in on Wed along with the rest of the class.)
n Integrity
Ø I expect that your assignments will be completed with honesty and integrity. The attached sheet defines plagiarism and the attached contract states that you and your parents understand the definition.
n Preparation:I expect that you arrive in my class every day with the following: (in addition to your Student ID)
Ø A 3-ring binder just for English divided into sections
Ø A pen or pencil
Ø The current text we are reading
n Passes:
Ø Bathroom/Hall passes:You will have 5 minutes outside the classroom.
Ø I ask that you do not leave class during the first or last TEN minutes of class.
n The First 10 Minutes of Class:
The following is the procedure for the first ten minutes of every class:
Ø Enter the classroom before the bell rings and take your seat.
Ø Read the daily agenda on the left-hand side of the board.
Ø Silently and individually begin working on the “Entrance Ticket” that is written on the board. Entrance tickets will be related to classwork – either connected to the book we are reading, or a skill or concept we are learning in class.
Ø Place any HW to be checked on your desk.
n In-class Behavior
Ø One word: Respect. I expect you to act mature and respectful towards me and your fellow peers. Being respectful means being a good listener and not speaking while your peers are speaking. It is also a VERY bad idea to speak while your teacher is speaking.
Ø Water is permitted in the classroom.
n Class Dismissal:
Ø Please remain in your seats until I dismiss class, not when the bell rings. If you line up at the door, you will be the last person to leave.
n Outside Reading:
Ø Each marking period you will be expected to complete one outside reading assignment. I will talk more about possible assignments and books later this fall.
n Writing Portfolios: Each of you will keep a writing portfolio of your writing throughout the year and write reflective pieces during the year as well.
n Grading:
Ø I do not “give” you grades – you earn them. They are based on the number of points you earn on tests, quizzes, projects, HW, journal entries, etc. divided by the number of points possible.
Ø Assignments will have different point values depending on their length, importance, etc. I will let you know ahead of time the point value of each assignment. Below is a description of each category:
Collected Homework: (usually worth 10-20 points)
Ø Homework that is late and handed in the next class will receive half credit. I will not accept homework after that time; you will have earned a “0” for that assignment.
Ø If you do not hand in your homework when I collect it at the beginning of class, I will consider it late. Have it ready and on your desk.
Uncollected Homework:
Ø Sometimes I will not collect homework but will check it as I go around the room. These homework assignments will be worth points (usually about 10).
Papers/Projects: (usually worth 50-150 points)
Ø Major papers that utilize the writing process will be usually be weighted more than in-class essays or assignments.
Ø Late papers receive a 10% deduction each day they are late. In other words, since our class meets every other day, if you hand in a paper on Wed that was due on Mon, I will deduct 20% from your grade.
Quizzes: (usually worth 20-30 points)
Ø Quizzes will often occur after a reading to make sure you’ve read
the material; they can be announced or unannounced.
Tests: (usually worth 80-100 points)
Ø Unit test will always be announced at least one week in advance.
Ø There will be a final exam, which counts for 1/9 of your total grade.
Extra Credit:
Ø I may offer extra credit during the semester, but don’t rely on extra credit to achieve the grade you want to receive.
n Curriculum:During the year, we will read and complete units on the following texts:
Ø Farewell To Manzanar (memoir)
Ø The Diary of Anne Frank (memoir)
Ø Romeo and Juliet (play)
Ø A Raisin in the Sun (play)
Ø The Odyssey (epic poem)
Ø Short stories
Ø Poetry
Ø Outside reading